Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients are required to submit a final report describing how their Arts Council grant supported objectives and goals described in their original proposal. Although it is not required, we encourage you to use the Chicago Area Common Grant Report designed by the Donors Forum, and in particular follow the reporting structure the report provides:

List the original proposal objectives, including demographics of populations served as outlined in your proposal and any changes in objectives from those originally proposed. Explain any changes. What was the impact on your organization?

Describe the progress toward meeting each proposal objective. Address any obstacles encountered and/or unanticipated outcomes. How are you measuring effectiveness of the organization’s activities (qualitatively and quantitatively)? Be specific about your measurement of impact on residents of the Hyde Park-Kenwood communities.

Attach organization and program budgets as submitted in the original proposal as well as actual results to date and explain any variances. List other funding sources as submitted in the original proposal as well as actual results to date and explain any variances.

What are the most important concerns facing your organization and programs, and how did the Arts Council grant help you address them?

Final narrative and financial reports must be received and approved by the Arts Council before any subsequent proposals will be reviewed. Final reports must be received separate and prior to the submission of any new grant request; we encourage recipients to submit their reports as expeditiously as possible once a funded project is completed.

These reports assist the Arts Council in gaining a better understand of the organizations we fund and inform our future grant making. We also hope these reports will provide an opportunity for grantees to reflect on their work and contributions to the Hyde Park-Kenwood communities.