Grants 2015

For Spring 2015, the Arts Council authorized a special grant initiative for a 2015 Summer Arts Internship Program. The program provided current or recently graduated high school students with summer employment that exposed them to the day-to-day operations and activities of Hyde Park-Kenwood’s diverse non-profit cultural organizations. This was a pilot program with application by invitation only to Hyde Park-Kenwood organizations previously funded by the Arts Council during calendar years 2011 through 2014.

Grants totaling $14,450 were awarded to five institutions who hired 11 students to participate in the program. Continuation of this grant initiative is being evaluated based upon reports from participating organizations.

2015 Summer Arts Internship Program Grantees

  • Court Theatre - $1,750
  • DuSable Museum - $3,700
  • Hyde Park School of Dance - $3,000
  • Muntu Dance Theatre - $3,000
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Trust - $3000


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